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CST In Focus… with Baresca

In the first of our ‘In Focus’ videos, we take a look at Baresca, a tapas bar, market café and cellar bar located in the heart of Nottingham. Find out how QSR Automations ConnectSmart Kitchen, QSR Automations DineTime and Customer Paging solutions have helped them successfully launch and run their busy restaurant. Read More


Don’t let golf addiction drive a wedge between club members and their phones

In recent years the ban of mobile phones on the golf course has significantly relaxed, now over 50% of golfers cannot play 18 holes of golf without checking their phone at least once during the game. Read More

UK based Call Systems Technology has deployed a bespoke call button and staff paging system across ten of Carnival Cruise Line’s ships.

Cruise & Ferry

Call Systems Technology featured in Cruise & Ferry

CST’s partnership with Carnival Cruise Lines to install EasyCall and Paging solutions across 10 of its ships featured in Cruise & Ferry.

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5 reasons you’re failing to attract families to your restaurant during half-term.

Half term is fast approaching and parents are constantly looking for new ways to entertain and spend time with their children. However when it comes to eating out during the school break there are many reasons parents will avoid taking their family out for a meal. Whether it be for lunch or dinner, you could be taking advantage of half term by attracting families to dine at your restaurant. Combat these common reasons why parents avoid eating out to fill your restaurant with families and extra profits!

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Tackle mobile phone charging in your venue during RWC 2015.

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup only a handful of days away it is no surprise that it is the talk of the techno town. From tweeting to betting, the heavily anticipated sporting event has everyone hooked. And this year it is taking place in none other than the home of rugby, England, drawing in an estimated 466,000 international visitors. Combine this with over 2 million British spectators and it really is an event too big to miss!

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Preparing for the end of season airport rush

It’s approaching the end of summer and everyone is returning from their exotic summer holidays to head back to school. Despite lengthy check-in queues and delays, there are ways that you can keep your airport running as efficiently as possible, keeping staff stress-free and passengers satisfied.

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Sale season: 7 shopper pet hates and how to avoid them

It’s sale season. Your high street retail store is most likely busy, messy and full of staff unequipped to deal with the situation. Your solution? Radios and call buttons. Your store will instantly be calmer and more efficient. And the benefit? Happier customers, queue management and more profit.

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5 ways to improve your front of house

Looking for a smooth front of house and repeated business? Welcome to the invisible queue!

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