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How technology can help your restaurant kitchen reach its full potential

The majority of restaurant kitchens don’t operate to their full potential and as a result sales are lost and customers leave feeling dissatisfied. Luckily, kitchen automation software can streamline the cooking process for back of house staff and help them work more efficiently with front of house employees. Read More

Top ten reasons why we still need pagers

At Call Systems Technology (CST) we supply paging systems to over 15,000 users across a diverse range of industries. Our advanced paging systems allow users to easily and rapidly communicate with staff and guests with the benefits of paging far outweighing the use of mobile phones.

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A look at the future hotel…

Like the world around us hotels are continuing to change and evolve, these transformations are largely related to technology advances and have resulted in a new era of hotels to emerge. It’s not enough for hotels to simply provide a comfy bed & buffet breakfast, to keep up with the changing times they need to embrace technology and enhance the customer experience. Read More

Spring dining trends

It may not feel quite like spring, but sunnier weather is on its way and consumers are already adjusting their eating habits. Read More

The UK’s most unique hotels

Tired of the traditional hotel experience? Planning a holiday isn’t always about the location sometimes it simply about the uniqueness of the hotel, so for your next trip away why not try one of these ten hotels for a more memorable stay. Read More

Bums on seats… Or not as the case may be!

Bums on seats I hear you say. Every restaurant operator wants bums on seats. That may be the case, however I fear we are moving into an age of virtual restaurants, or as it is being called, ‘restaurants without seats and seats without restaurants.’ Here, in Ashley Sheppard’s column for Restaurant Magazine as Guest Technology Editor, he explains his prediction. Read More

Top five hospitality stories for March

News is hard to keep track of in this day and age and we know your time is precious so we’ve compiled a list of the top hospitality stories you shouldn’t miss this month.

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Up-skilling back of house in readiness for Brexit

Easy-to-use kitchen technology can help restaurants equip their staff with the skills they need to tackle the year ahead. Here, in Ashley Sheppard’s Guest Technology Editor column for Restaurant Magazine, he explains why.  Read More

The biggest hospitality stories in 2016

There’s been plenty to talk about in 2016, especially for the hospitality industry, from new openings and the latest technology to Brexit and Byron there has been a lot of news to keep track of. Read More