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British Food Fortnight

How to get involved in British Food Fortnight

Love festivals? Love local produce? Wherever you are in the UK there’s a festival near you so make sure you get involved… Read More

Waste not, want not - don't bin your profits

Waste not, want not – don’t bin your profits

Technology really comes into its own when tackling the huge levels of waste in the restaurant sector. Read More

Don't be too cool for school

Don’t be too cool for school

Brits love to queue, or so I keep hearing in defence of yet another no-reservations restaurant opening across the country. Except they don’t. In fact, nobody loves to queue. Read More

Bucket list of restaurants

London’s bucket list of restaurants

You could eat a different restaurant in London every day for 70 years and still not have tried them all. To help you make the most of London’s vibrant dining scene we’ve compiled a list of the thirty restaurants you need to try before you die.  Read More

Dwell Time vs. Table Turn

Dwell time versus table turns – what wins?

Technology presents a golden opportunity to remove the need for disgruntled lines of customers but also boost table turns.

Read More


The future’s digital. The future’s paperless

Paper should finally be consigned to the restaurant rubbish bin. It’s time for your dining room to get digital. Read More

Hottest new restaurants opening in August

Hottest new restaurants opening in August

London’s vibrant restaurant scene will be seeing a handful of new additions in August, featuring cuisine from all around the world. Make sure you keep an eye out for these restaurants opening soon! Read More

Summer dining trends and pet peeves

Summer dining trends and pet peeves

Summer is well and truly upon us, despite what the weather is saying, so it’s the perfect opportunity to discover the latest dining trends. Read More

What the hospitality industry is saying about Brexit

What the hospitality industry is saying about Brexit

A week has passed since Britons voted to leave the EU and individuals across the hospitality sector are still coming to terms with what the result means for the industry. Read More