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A Guide to the Best Paging Systems for People With Hearing Loss

A Guide to the Best Paging Systems for People With Hearing Loss. There are many options when it comes to paging systems. Read more for a guide to the best paging systems for people with hearing loss.

If you employ workers with hearing loss, you are not alone. According to RNID, 5 million UK workers have hearing loss. Unfortunately, many of these workers report feeling stressed at work.

Fears of being unsafe in the workplace can be one such source of stress. Many businesses use audio-based paging systems to alert workers about fires and other emergencies.

At Call Systems Technology, our mission is to ensure inclusivity in a diversified workforce. Our DeafCall™ paging system can help you keep your workers safe, empowering employees who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

What is the DeafCall™ paging system, and how can it make your workplace more accessible for all? We will explain the benefits of DeafCall™ for workers with hearing loss in this guide, so keep reading.

What is DeafCall™?

DeafCall™ is the solution to your workplace safety needs if you employ people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. It features vibrations that alert workers with hearing loss about fires, security breaches, or whatever else life throws your way.

As a UK employer, you have a duty to protect your workers. Yet, keeping your employees safe is challenging when there are communication barriers.

We make it easy for you to fulfil this duty of care to your employees. Our DeafCall™ pager systems come with all the tools you need. Plus, our solutions are easy to use.

How DeafCall™ Pagers Work

DeafCall™ pagers utilise a transmitter and paired pager device. Together, these products work seamlessly to send out noiseless alerts to the pagers of workers with hearing loss.

We offer three different pager options that work with our DeafCall™ transmitter. They include:

  1. CST 2028 pager
  2. SmartCall Alert pager
  3. Display IQ pager

We will talk more about these pagers next. But first, we wanted to quickly talk about our vibrating pillow alarm. We designed the DeafCall™ Pillow Alarm to alert workers and customers with hearing loss while they are sleeping.

All workers or customers have to do is place the connected pillow pad under their pillow. When you transmit an alert, the pillow pad will vibrate and give off a visual cue via a flashing light. This solution is ideal for the hotel industry.

Which DeafCall™ Pager Is Right for You?

When you get our DeafCall™ pager system, you can choose between three different pager devices. These devices have various features you need to know about.

Keep reading to learn which of our DeafCall™ pagers is best for your organisation.

CST 2028 Pager

The CST 2028 pager is our most cost-effective and easy-to-use paging device yet. Plus, it is highly durable, meaning you will get the most out of your investment.

This pager features 2- or 4-line displays of up to 20 characters per line. Most importantly, the CST 2028 pager has a vibrate-only mode to make it accessible for workers with hearing loss.

SmartCall Alert Pager

The SmartCall Alert pager is ideal for large organisations with 2 miles of coverage. It is incredibly lightweight at only 90 grams and features a modern design.

The best thing about this pager is its 4-colour LCD screen, which enables colour-coded alerts. The SmartCall Alert pager also allows you to program different vibrations. That way, you can reach workers with hearing loss in multiple ways.

Display IQ Pager

The Display IQ Pager combines sleek aesthetics and robust features. Your workers will want to show off their pager with its branded screen logo and full-colour display.

Communicate with your workers using up to 7 lines of text. When emergency strikes, send out alerts with a flash or vibration for workers with hearing loss. You can also program up to 10 text or image alerts.

The Benefits of Using DeafCall™ Paging Systems in Your Workplace

Are you wondering why DeafCall™ is the best paging system for employers and workers with hearing loss? Here are the top benefits of deploying our paging system options in your workplace.

Keep All Your Employees Safe

Your current pager system may protect some employees when disaster strikes. But it may not be as accessible for workers with hearing loss.

DeafCall™ is the perfect solution to ensure all your employees are equally safe. Workers with hearing loss can get visual or tactile cues with our DeafCall™ pager system.

Stay Compliant With the Law

The Equality Act of 2010 states that employers must make reasonable adjustments for all workers. That includes making safety alerts accessible for employees with hearing loss. Businesses that fail to adhere to these guidelines face hefty penalties.

Our DeafCall™ paging system makes it easy to comply with the law. Our systems are ideal for se

tting up fire safety, security alerts, and other critical alerts for workers with hearing loss.

Paging Systems Are Easy to Use

Training costs are a significant consideration when implementing new communication systems.

Some alert systems have high learning curves. But that’s not the case with our paging systems. Our devices and transmitters are easy to set up and use. That way, you can deploy your new paging system more seamlessly.

Get DeafCall™ from Call Systems Technology

Sending messages and alerts to your employee base can be challenging when you have workers with hearing loss. We make it easier with our DeafCall™ paging systems for workplaces seeking inclusive communication solutions.

Do you want to learn more about DeafCall™ and how you can integrate it with paging systems for hearing people? Get in touch with Call Systems Technology to request a callback from our knowledgeable team.