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CST Table Coaster on table whilst being served food

Looking for operational efficiency? Raise your tech game!

As the spring/summer seasons approach, a busy calendar of events is on the horizon.

From Easter, Coronation of Charles III, Late May Bank Holiday and Father’s Day, to Eurovision and the FA Cup Final, operators need to raise their tech game in order to ensure customer experience and operational efficiency are at their best. A modern paging system can help front-of-house teams deliver a relaxed atmosphere while still being readily available when needed.

EasyCall combines pagers, call buttons and wireless technology to improve communication between customers and staff. A customer presses a silent call button attached to their table, which sends a signal to a base station. This creates faster communication between customers and staff and opens up outside areas that operators might have found harder to serve efficiently, or stopped using all together. Broadening the space in this way means an operator can achieve maximum capacity, whilst increasing profitability every time.

WaiterCall pagers enable the kitchen to silently communicate with waiting staff, so that dishes can be collected at the perfect moment. This can also be applied between the bar and waiting team to enable faster service for drinks and increase spend per head – perfect for outdoor dining. If a waiter fails to answer by the third call, the system alerts a manager who can keep service flowing smoothly. This means customers aren’t kept waiting and vastly reduces food wastage from meals being left at the pass.

Operators can fuse the teams in a number of ways, but technological integration is key to enhancing the customer experience. We expect to see further unification between the technology used in the kitchen and systems in play front-of-house. This will ensure an enjoyable time for everyone.