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CST's Success Story: Empowering Seamless Communication at Magna Park. 


Call Systems Technology (CST) is proud to present a remarkable success story in collaboration with the prestigious John Lewis Distribution Warehouse located at Magna Park. Our partnership has brought forth cutting-edge communication solutions that have significantly enhanced efficiency and safety within the facility. 


330 +
2 million
Square feet


The John Lewis Distribution Warehouse at Magna Park operates as a colossal facility, spanning two interconnected warehouses across an impressive 2 million square feet and accommodating a staggering 11 million stored items. Operating 24/7, the facility required seamless and reliable communication systems to ensure smooth operations and the highest level of safety for its workforce. 

Improving Communication

CST played a crucial role in implementing two-way radio voice comms across 12 departments. With 330 HP685 two-way radios and 16 channels provided, communication was strengthened throughout the facility. We prioritised employee safety with the inclusion of a Lone Worker Panic Alarm Function and 1-2-1 call capability. 

To streamline communication between the warehouses, we supplied six XPT repeaters connected through a secure fiber link. This integration facilitated seamless coordination among teams working in different parts of the facility, optimising overall operations and response times. 

CST's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions extended to efficient record-keeping and data analysis. We equipped the facility with robust Voice and Data Recording Software, enabling better oversight and valuable insights for continuous improvement and workforce training. 

Alarm Interfaces

As part of the project's final phase, CST is integrated alarm interfaces to further bolster safety protocols at the John Lewis Distribution Warehouse. One AlarmCall Pro + BS5839 EN54-4 unit is connected to an Advanced Fire Alarm Panel, discreetly notifying the Engineering Department of pre-alarm and full alarm situations. Additionally, two AlarmCall Pro+ BS5839 EN54-4 units are linked to Honeywell Galaxy Security Alarms, providing real-time security alerts, fire exit notifications, and restricted area activations to the Profit Protection Department. 

Incorporating wireless First Aider Call Points at strategic locations across both warehouses further ensures swift responses to medical emergencies, safeguarding the well-being of the facility's employees. These call points seamlessly transmit messages to first aiders, control rooms, and shift managers, enabling a well-coordinated approach to any emergency.


Monitoring Software and Diagnostics Management 

CST provided a system diagnostic software to assess performforance and manage traffic load along with voice recording software. The benefits of using this software:

Real-time monitoring & service statistics 

Remote configuration 

Repeater usage/ User Traffic 

Sgnal strength data 

Failure alerts & diagnostic details 

Managment settings, data query & service 

Service data export 

Device topology 

Electronic mapping 

Repeater usage, settings & database 

Looking to the future

CST is immensely proud of the successful completion of the Magna Park project, exemplifying our dedication to providing cutting-edge communication solutions for businesses operating in challenging environments. Our two-way radio voice comms and alarm interfaces have made a substantial contribution to the efficiency and safety of the John Lewis Distribution Warehouse. 

CST remains committed to empowering seamless communication for our clients, and we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to make a positive impact.