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Improving and enhancing operations

Wireless communication technology plays a pivotal role within industry. CST's cost-effective wireless solutions and critical alerts, such as industrial call buttons, provide instant communication, exchange of critical information and security monitoring tools that ensure the safety of your staff and contractors. Streamline your day-to-day operations and maximise your revenue.



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Staff Pagers

Real-time communication is vital to the success of your manufacturing facility. Send critical information at a touch of a button to maximise your employee's productivity. Staff pagers offer instant, reliable communication in locations where other messaging technology may struggle to receive coverage.


Staff Safety

Maintain the safety of lone workers or those in hazardous environments.

Critical Alerts

Monitor and control potential critical alerts, inform staff of specific locations and maintain safety procedures.

Fire Monitoring

Remove the disruptive impact of false alarms, protect productivity and save money.

Fast Response

Deliver instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button to enhance on-site standards and staff productivity.

Equality Act Compliant

Compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Enhanced Branding

Create brand awareness among your visitors with product promotion and advertising.