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Creating a welcoming healthcare facility

Communication is the cornerstone of healthcare. Get the correct information to the right people at the right time. From healthcare pager systems and radios to safety monitoring and critical information exchange, a CST system maximises both patient and staff experiences.

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Staff Pagers

The healthcare sector relies on efficient communication to operate. Deliver your patient-related information quickly to the people who matter. Paging systems are an effective and reliable communication tool vital for your healthcare facility. Enabling quick communication about immediate tasks, emergencies, or for patients to alert a staff member they’re in need.

Two-Way Radios

An invaluable addition to your clinical establishment, two-way radio saves your time, increases safety, and improves overall productivity and profitability. Nurses, Doctors, security, and other departments use two-way radios when they're on the go, dealing with incoming requests and concerns. The safety and security of all staff, especially lone workers, increase with access to discrete two-way radios.

Fire Alarm Messaging

Keep your staff and patients safe with critical alerts. AlarmCall can send a continuous signal that someone needs assistance to pagers and two-way radios. Location-based alerts allow you to prioritise real emergencies, investigate false alarms, and prevent needless evacuations.


The safety of your staff and patients is paramount. DeafCall provides site-wide critical alert communication coverage for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. It will enable you to alert them in the event of a fire, security breach, or other critical situations. Put the safety of your staff and patients first whilst fulfilling your statutory requirements.

Patient Pagers

Long wait times are a significant pain point in the patient experience. Patient paging systems enable surgeries, pharmacies, and hospital departments to ease congestion in waiting rooms, creating a less stressful experience for patients. Our bleepers provide flexibility in where patients wait. And when they're ready to be seen, they'll be alerted discreetly, avoiding the need for names to be called verbally. 

Wireless Toilet Alarm

Let your patients feel safe knowing that if there is an accident or fall, they can get help quickly. Wireless disabled alarms allow a distressed patient to trigger an alarm in an emergency. Simply pull a cord, and on-site staff are made aware that assistance is quickly required. Helping you to put the safety of your patients above all else.


Pull Cord


10 Way Panel


Only the most efficient healthcare establishments run on Gen2. Unify your communications with one solution: Gen2, our alarm monitoring and messaging software solution. Control and monitor an entire messaging and critical alarm system, helping to improve operational efficiency, security, and safety. Ensure your teams never miss a message or alarm by integrating Gen2 with your business management systems, fire and security systems, access control and lone worker applications. With the ability to connect to multiple devices, including our Gen2 app, pagers, and two-way radios, you will never have felt more connected. High performing, multi-lingual and user-friendly, with the ability to facilitate an unlimited amount of client users - it's the hub of all communication. 




Queue Management

Ease congestion in waiting rooms to create a less stressful experience for patients.

Fast Response

Deliver instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button for your patients and guests.

Equality Act Compliant

Compliance with the Equality Act 2010. 

Enhanced Branding

Create brand awareness among your patients with product promotion and advertising.

Staff Safety

Protect lone workers and maintain staff and patient safety with real-time communication.


Serve food to the highest standard that complies with food hygiene and food regulations.


"The patient buzzers used in antenatal ultrasound at both our main sites have been invaluable. They’ve ensured that we’ve been able to maintain as normal service as possible, helping us to control waiting room occupancy and allowing women to bring support persons into scans. The swiftness of CST and the team’s responsiveness to queries, deliveries and installation have enabled the Imaging department to implement the use of the pagers very quickly and therefore aided in us continuing to provide an agile and responsive service, throughout COVID and beyond."

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton - NHS Foundation Trust

"MediCall overall is really compact, even the transmitter base is very small and doesn't get in the way on the reception desk. We think it's also very, very easy to use, for new staff and experienced nurses. Just push two numbers, and press ‘Enter'. Even for technophobes, the ‘buy-in' is very quick indeed." 

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust