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Reliable communication, even in hazardous environments where explosive gases and combustible dust are likely to occur.

ATEX radios are designed to protect employees in potentially dangerous oil, gas, mining, and chemical environments where atmospheric explosions may occur. The ATEX certification is an EU standard designed to ensure that electrical equipment, including radios and accessories, does not provide an ignition source, such as a spark that might cause an explosion. These are known as intrinsically safe radios, as they meet stringent health and safety rules to protect workers, the facilities, the surrounding population, and the wider general environment. ATEX radios have particular properties to set them apart from standard waterproof and rugged radios. They do not release sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal conditions to ignite hazardous material such as fuel, fibres, dust and gas.

Key features

Hytera PD795EX

Analogue / Digital

Offering safe and reliable communications, the Hytera PD795 Ex is an ATEX-approved handheld digital radio, suitable for workers in potentially hazardous environments. Housed in a non-slip shell, they’re easy to grip and carry around – even in gloves. Plus, these radios are packed with enhanced features, including integral GPS, to improve worker safety.  


17 hours battery life

1.8 inch screen size

IP68 Rated

W55 x H141 x D39mm

Recommended for these sectors:

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