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Instant communication is critical during emergencies, especially within schools and educational campuses.

An efficient lockdown system allows staff to restrict access and movement throughout buildings or certain areas, ensuring the safety of all students, guests and staff.

Designed to be discreet, our lockdown systems operate without invoking panic or alerting any perpetrators. The system can be as simple as a transmitter relaying to a pager or as extensive as an entire communication solution. Our solutions employ a wide variety of resources and innovative technology to improve communication and response times. 

Key features

Panic Button

Available in white, stainless steel or brass, these double push panic buttons, provide added security and assistance when required. An indicator shows when activation has been deployed. The button is only resettable by key.

W62 x H30 x D75mm


Colour options

Recommended for these sectors:

Wireless Sounder

CST's wireless sounder is a simple lockdown and emergency warning alarm system solution, perfect for public buildings, schools and offices. Providing clear, unambiguous verbal messages that describe the state of alarm to occupants, required actions and, in some cases, coded messages. When staged alarm, lockdown or phased evacuation is required, the addition of the Message Controller allows up to 7 different messages to be broadcast across multiple zones. 

20 - 28V

IP45 OR IP66 Options

W85.6 x H134 x D56.9mm

Recommended for these sectors:

Banshee Excel Lite

The sounder is fitted with a professional capsule driven horn and comes with 32 user-selectable tones incorporating low frequencies, high frequencies, European, American and Australian norms and all industry-standard frequency patterns.

Manufactured in flame retardant polymer, the units are available in a choice of base colours and up to 5 different lens colours, making it suitable for a range of fire and security dual notification applications as well as DDA-compliant installations. All models use the push and twist bayonet fitting Banshee MT base.

W92 x H92 x D109mm


Colour options


All technical information was determined at the factory and in accordance with the corresponding standards. Subject to change on the basis of continuous development.