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Wireless Emergency and Assistance buttons are imperative in any business, ensuring smooth, time-sensitive communication is rapidly delivered.

Employees are frequently faced with unforeseen risks on the job and violence in the workplace. Should they face an emergency, a call button allows them to call for help without escalating an incident, helping to boost their productivity and make them feel more relaxed. 

Our wireless emergency and assistance buttons are versatile, facilitating both indoor and outdoor use in many scenarios across various sectors. Whether this is for use in calling a first aider, a member of staff or a technician, our buttons can be as discreet or prominent as needed. Integrating with various CST products, you can create a seamless end-to-end solution that’s right for your business. Keep your company agile, safe, productive, and profitable.  

Key features

Wireless Emergency Smack Button

Our wireless emergency smack button is designed to raise an alarm from a fixed location - whether requesting immediate assistance or calling for a first aider. Pressing the button on the front of the device will immediately send an alarm signal to the central receiver. The button latches in and must be twisted to be released and reset. It's the perfect way to summon assistance to a specific location. 


W110 x H130 x D50mm

x2 AA Batteries

Recommended for these sectors:

Waterproof Push Button

Waterproof Push Buttons combine unique design, quality, and value. Specially designed for use within harsh environments, the push buttons are ideal for indoor/outdoor areas. The inset design on the push button helps prevent accidental activations. As either a StopperPush, where the momentary push and release activation is desired, or StopperLatch, where repeat activation must be controlled, and can only be reset with a key. Models are available in a variety of colours. 

W89 x H90 x D72mm


Colour options

Recommended for these sectors:

Indoor Push Button

Indoor Push Buttons combine unique design, quality, and value. Their inset design helps prevent accidental activations. There are three different variants available:

  1. StopperLatch – Key to Reset – For when repeat activations must be controlled
  2. StopperPush – Momentary – When push and release action is desired
  3. StopperLatch – Pneumatic – When push and release is required with a holding signal timer.

All models are available in a variety of colours. 

W87 x H87 x D58mm

Colour options

Doorbell Push Button

Give your guests excellent service. A reliable communication system ensures staff are always contactable. Allows your staff to carry out other tasks while being in direct contact with anyone requiring assistance. Staff are instantly notified when the call button is triggered, allowing them to respond accordingly. Helps boost staff productivity, increase sales, and improve the guest experience.

AAA Battery


Recommended for these sectors:

5-Button Transmitter

Quickly, instantly, and discreetly communicate with team members, helping to create a calmer ambience, by eliminating noise overhead systems, and improving response times. The 5 Button transmitter can be handheld or wall-mounted, with each button pre-programmed with a unique alphanumeric message. The device supports the transmission of short DMR text messages, allowing direct messaging to a variety of DMR radios. Plus, it can also send POCSAG messages - supporting singular and batched transmissions for both alphanumeric and numeric pagers.


AA Battery

W51 x H102 x D28mm

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