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Critical alerts to protect your business

The modern business is under a lot of pressure to stay agile, productive, and profitable through even the most challenging circumstances. Whilst trying to protect productivity, health and safety is also paramount, and as well protecting the safety of staff, organisations must adhere to stringent standards.

AlarmCall is a critical alerts solution which enables your organisation to increase safety and protect productivity by improving responsiveness to emergency situations and cutting down on false alarms. AlarmCall sends location-based alerts to pagers, two-way radios and mobile phones, allowing you to prioritise real emergencies and investigate and manage false alarms to prevent unnecessary evacuations.


Features and Benefits

  • Increase productivity, emergency responsiveness, and eliminate false alarms and unnecessary evacuations by delivering fire and safety, security and operational critical messaging instantly
  • Trusted by household names all over the UK - including ASDA, Ocado, and Amazon
  • The only critical messaging solution to broadcast alerts simultaneously via pagers, two-way radios, and SMS
  • Communicates with all common fire alarm panel protocols
  • Fully monitored and battery backed up, giving you 24 hours of uninterrupted service in the event of power failure. 



    Fire Marshall Paging

    Modern fire systems can be spread over huge areas, covering densely populated buildings and highly valuable assets. Fire marshalls may be widely distributed across this site or multiple sites, and may not be near the fire panel or panels at all times. AlarmCall instantly transmits detailed information on system and individual panel and device conditions to personal pagers or two-way radios. This allows them to react quickly and decisively on the action that needs to be taken.

    Key Responders

    AlarmCall can inform key staff of emergency or operational communications - whatever is critical to your business. The alarm contact module enables you to distribute critical and potentially sensitive emergency information to key staff without alerting customers or other staff - such as lockdowns, bomb alerts or other security threats.

    Engineer Paging

    Identifying and addressing a fault on a factory production line can cost manufacturers dearly in terms of productivity. AlarmCall can monitor and manage alerts from the machinery into engineers, helping them to quickly find line issues, machine failures and re-stocking requirements. When combined with our powerful messaging software, engineers and operational staff can also access detailed reports on downtime periods and productivity loss.

    First Aid

    On a large site with a distributed workforce, it's challenging to manage and ensure the safety of workers at all times, particularly if they are working alone or in a dangerous environment. Combined with our wireless smack buttons, AlarmCall can send a continuous signal that someone needs assistance to pagers and two-way radios. AlarmCall provides detailed information about the location of the alert, helping you to respond quickly and put the safety of your employees above all else.


    Expand functionality and capability...

    Expand the functionality and capability of your AlarmCall system with the PageCall range.

    PageCall offers an effective communication solution enabling you to summon key members of staff to a location quickly and discretely at the touch of a button.

    Integrate seamlessly with CST pagers to further expand your critical alerts and messaging solution.

    Click here to view the range.


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