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AlarmCall Paging

AlarmCall Paging

Cost-effective monitoring system

AlarmCall Paging Systems is the cost-effective monitoring systems that provides a real alternative to haemorrhaging money through reacting to false alarms. Based on a sophisticated paging system, AlarmCall Paging System immediately notifies the designated fire marshals exactly where the fire alarm has been activated. They then have a short time (agreed with the local Fire Service) in which to establish the validity of the alarm, prior to it reaching the 'Call Out' status. Working as a team, one marshall will go to the source of the alarm whilst the other goes on standby next to the central alarm panel. If, as in the case of 90% of fire alarms, the call is false, the marshals can communicate via phone or two-way radio and the 'Call Out' can be aborted. 

What applications does AlarmCall have? 

Apart from schools, AlarmCall can form an important part of retail communication solutions, as well as being of use to those working in the hospitality industry. False alarms can be disastrous if they happen at the busiest shopping time or over a lunch break, driving customers away and resulting in a loss of revenue. By using AlarmCall to deal with any potential false alarms in a time and efficient manner, you can prevent the alarm from going off and keep your customers happy. AlarmCall can also be used in industrial premises where a false alarm would have a serious impact on productivity and output. Because the AlarmCall system pinpoints the location of the alert, it can be especially useful in large buildings and can help managers coordinate any evacuation safely should the alarm prove to be genuine. AlarmCall can be of great benefit to businesses and schools alike by saving time, improving safety and preventing lost revenue due to false alarms. 

Features and Benefits

  • Increased the ability to identify exact location of alarm the speed that alarms are responded to. 
  • Improve your relationship with your location fire authority. 
  • Decrease evacuations of your buildings due to false alarms.
  • Ideal for educational facilities, hospitality, commercial businesses, industry.




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