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Staff communication is one of the most critical aspects of your business.

Staff pagers offer instant, reliable communication in locations where other messaging technology may struggle to receive coverage. Cost-effective, easy to use, and discreet, they’re ideal for sending messages amongst staff and management, ensuring effective communication. Faster response times will help you exceed customer expectations and reduce potential threats. Our staff paging systems integrate with other CST products, providing an end-to-end solution in fire safety, false alarms, security and service.

Key features

s.PAGE X05

The Swissphone s.PAGE X05 impresses users thanks to state-of-the-art, functional designs and unique performance features. Secure receipt of messages, familiar intuitive operation and loud alerting take centre stage. The s.PAGE X05 is also extremely robust and very comfortable to wear. With a reception sensitivity of < 3.0 μV/m at 1,200 Bit/s.



AA Battery

Vibrate and Flash

W81 x H64 x D22mm

CST 2028 Pager

Cost-effective and easy to use, the CST 2028 pager includes several versatile and indispensable features, all wrapped up in a robust and durable casing. Offering a 2 or 4-line display, with 20 characters on each line, plus icons, and options of tone, vibrate or tone and vibrate alerts, the pager can be tailored to its intended use. During transmission of a high-priority message, 2028 pager on vibrate-only or silent mode can be forced to sound an audible tone with the priority override feature. This is critical for events such as code calls and other emergency situations.


2/4 line display

AAA battery

Vibrate & Tone

W81 x H54 x D19mm

Recommended for these sectors:

CST 8001 Pager

The CST 8001 alphanumeric pager includes several versatile and indispensable features all wrapped in a robust, durable casing. Showcasing a 4 or 8-line display, plus 4 navigational buttons, many features can be programmed by hand or via OTA commands. During transmission of a high-priority message, a pager on silent or vibrate-only mode can be forced to sound an audible tone. Compatible with all leading paging systems, the CST 8001 can also be configured to operate as a rechargeable pager. A wrap-around holster to protect the LCD is also included. 


4/8 line display

AA OR Rechargeable

Vibrate & Tone

W80 x H64 x D23mm

Recommended for these sectors:

SmartCall Alert Pager

With numerous audible, visual and vibration combinations, you can customise how you communicate with your guests and staff to fit your needs. By adding four colours to the LCD screen, the person wearing the pager can receive colour-coded visual alerts. Sounds and vibration can be programmed in multiple combinations to signal a new message and the coordinating alphanumeric text message can provide additional instructions or information. Ideal for busy, noisy environments, where expedient and effective alerts, warnings and messaging are needed. 


2 Miles Site Coverage

Rechargeable battery

Vibrate, beep and flash

W95 x H57 x D34mm

Recommended for these sectors:

Rugged Pager

Built to last and extremely reliable, the rugged pager is perfect for large teams. Programmable alert types, enable you to choose from a combination of vibe, flash, or beep. With a quick and easy set-up, maintenance, and programming, they’re ideal for restaurants, warehouses, and hospitals.  


2 Miles Site Coverage

Rechargeable Battery

Vibrate, Beep & Flash

W78 x H55 x D30mm

Recommended for these sectors:

s.QUAD X35

The s.QUAD X35 pager alerting device boasts a state-of-the-art functional design and unique performance features. The familiar operation, loud alerting and reliability take centre stage in these pagers. Being equipped with Bluetooth, they can also be connected to other devices and applications, extending use noticeably. A high resolution 200 character display and multi-coloured LEDs make the s.QUAD X35 easy to operate and understand. The vibrator and high audio levels also minimise the risk of missing an alert. It’s also IP67 rated, making it dust and waterproof resistant.


6-8 line display

AA battery OR Rechargeable

Vibrate and tone

IP67 Rated

Recommended for these sectors:

CST Watch Pager

Discreet and robust, this watch pager is an ideal solution for those on the move, providing greater comfort and flexibility to incoming alerts. The watch can be programmed to alert via flash, buzz or vibrate. The CST Alphanumeric Watch Pager also features a large colour, touch screen display.


200m Site Coverage

Rechargeable battery

Vibrate, tone and flash

1.54in screen

SOLT SP7 Watch Pager

A modern design with a slim body and an informative display combined with a flexible and soft hand strap and lock. The SOLT SP7 Watch Pager features an enclosure with silver metallic colour combined with a high-strength and scratch-resistance glass. This watch is ideal for restaurants looking to use call only and call & cancel. 


100-150m Site Coverage

300 cycles

Vibrate & Tone

0.9in Screen Size

All technical information was determined at the factory and in accordance with the corresponding standards. Subject to change on the basis of continuous development.