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Replace inefficient table flags and eliminate congestion at the counter.

Our table location system enables your restaurant to provide fast and efficient table service. When your customer places an order, they'll receive a guest tag that immediately tracks their location in real-time. An easy-to-use software system allows servers to locate the correct table to deliver food or drinks quickly. Servers can also find guests on the move, whether they’re at the bar or switching tables. With table location, your team can spend more time with your customers, turnover tables quicker, and upsell other products on the menu. Important analytical data such as food delivery times, collected from a table location system, helps restaurateurs manage staff, activity, and productivity. 

Key features

EasyVu Guest Locator

Once customers have placed their order, simply hand them a guest locator. EasyVu then monitors the customer’s location. When food is ready to be delivered, staff can instantly see which table the customer is sitting at. Customers are then notified when their order is being delivered. 



Vibrate and flash

W105 x H105 x D15mm

Recommended for these sectors:

EasyVu NFC Table Tag

Table tags have a unique, discreet design. The adhesive NFC location card can be installed & moved anywhere, monitoring customer location in real-time. Also water-resistant, they’re suitable for many environments. 



W85 x H54 x D1mm

Recommended for these sectors:

EasyVu Gateway

Operating on a Radio Frequency (RF) output, the EasyVu Gateway has a range of up to 250 meters. 



Up to 200m range

W140 x H116 x D37mm

RF Output

Recommended for these sectors:

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