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Call Buttons

Call Buttons for Retail

Provide excellent customer service with the touch of a button

Shoppers who use fitting rooms are almost seven times more likely to buy compared to those who only browse the shop floor. Make sure your customers are inclined to spend by strategically placing call buttons in every fitting room. Call buttons allow shoppers to easily and discreetly call for assistance when they want to try another size or colour, eliminating frustration and loss of sales.


Call buttons are not only important in fitting rooms but are also valuable for locked cabinets or hard to reach items. Many high sale items, including jewellery, perfume and electronics, are too delicate to leave unguarded on the sales floor but locking them in display cabinets requires customers searching for staff when they want to buy. Call buttons placed by locked displays immediately alerts staff when a sale can be made.


Easy installation and integration

Designed to integrate with the overall decor of the retail store, the call button can be mounted onto fitting room walls, doors or easy to locate areas. Easy to install and maintain, the solutions can be used as a standalone system, or interfaced with CST's Paging Software, enabling all service requests to be logged and monitored by store management. 



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