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Customer Paging

Customer Paging for retailers

Invite your customers to shop rather than queue

Maintaining high customer service standards in retail is an assured way to gain a competitive edge over other stores. One way to ensure those standards remain high is to reduce the issue which shoppers loathe the most.. queuing. With customer paging solutions, retailers can eliminate crowded tills and counters, disgruntled customers and stressed out staff. Our solutions take away the stress of queue management and give your staff the time to concentrate on offering the highest standards of customer care. 

Enhance customer service standards

Retail staff hand customers a pager which records their position in the queue. The customer is free to then shop anywhere in the department or on other floors in the store until they are paged. The customer pager alerts them with vibration, lights or a tone, whatever you think is right for your store. As such no customer is standing around, waiting impatiently for their turn, and there is no need to hunt for them in the store. Staff can concentrate on providing better customer service without customer congestion. This leads to fewer abandoned purchases, happier customers and therefore more revenue. 


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Customer Paging Products

CustomerCall Paging

No more visible queues for tables or meals, with CustomerCall IQ. Simply hand a customer pager to anyone waiting in a queue and they're free to drink in the bar or wander nearby, without losing their place in the queue. With customer pagers, no one waits impatiently. There is no congestion at reception and no need to hunt for customers when their food or table is ready.

Coaster Pagers


No more visible queues! Hand waiting customers a Coaster pager and they're free to wander nearby without losing their place in the queue. When staff are ready they press a button on the transmitter to call customers back. Coaster pagers are easy to use and alert customers with a flash, tone and vibrate.