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Alarm Call Pro+ providing safety in the ABBA Voyage Arena 

Arenas can be hard to manage and organise without having to worry about the safety of your guest and visitors. This is why the ABBA Voyage arena reached out to us. We were able to provide a system that ensured safety to all guests and staff. 

With the Fire marshall paging system staff will be alerted in the event on an emergency, meaning they can safety evacuate guests and visitors. 


Protecting over
1.5 million
18 +months

How it works

In the event of an emergency, the system will detect smoke or fire. Which will send a message to the pager device, Fire Marshalls who will have the device will be alerted. The marshalls will have three three minutes to investigate and determine if there is a real fire or not. If it's a false alarm, staff can quickly reset the system to avoid disrupting the show or event. However, if there is an actual fire, or two smoke heads are activated, the system goes into full alarm mode to ensure a timely response.




With the Fire Marshall paging systems being installed in the ABBA Voyage arena. Staff can now have peace of mind for guest safety due to our best-in-class security systems. Our Fire Marshall Paging System being an example of how we are providing enhanced security solutions to meet safety needs. So, trust CST to keep your venue and guests safe without sacrificing the experience.



Enahanced guest safety 


Improved emergency responsiveness 

Cut down on false alarms

Fast installation. Simple to use

Improving experience with no distruptions

We understand that special effects like smoke machines and other stage effects are common in events and arenas. So, our Fire Marshall Paging System is designed to only activate when there is a real threat of fire, avoiding unnecessary disruptions. In fact, according to our statistics, 97% of fire alarm activations are single-head and false fire alarms, which is why we have focused our system to eliminate false alarms.