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No customer queues, with up two a two mile frequency range


Nanny Bills is an exciting burger joint that serves incredible food in a fast paced environment. In order to improve customer experience and waiting times (CST) provided the business with Coaster Pagers for a practical solution.

This helped improve the service between staff and customers, with the pager alerting in a loud environment with its bleeping and vibrating system.

Having multiple locations in London, Nanny Bill’s worked strategically with (CST) in order to find the best solution, as working in a fast paced environment has its challenges.


Long Lasting




Our sales team at Call System Technology worked strategically with Nanny Bill’s to provide the best solution for their customers. Providing our classic coasters. Ensuring that customers can have a fast and quick experience when ordering. The coaster pager is simply given to the customer when they place an order, the pager then buzzes when its time to collect.




With installation being a quick process Nanny Bill’s now doesn’t have to worry about long queues and can manage customers more easily with our paging system. Call Systems Technology found the best solution for Nanny Bill’s, improving communication between staff and customers.



When staff are ready they press a button on the transmitter to call customers back to alert them when their food is ready. Coaster pagers are easy to use and alert with a flash a tone and a vibrate. The pagers can be charged in a compact and stackable rack when the day is complete. The system ensures reliable communication between staff and the customer. With our technology reaching up to 2 miles on site, our pagers ensure that their will be no interference between one another as we install Unique Systems to prevent this.


With reliable signal Nanny Bill’s gave CST 5 stars for our product.