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CustomerCall Paging Systems for the Retail Industry

An invisible queue is the best queue

Invite your customers to shop rather than queue, with CustomerCall. Hand a customer pager to anyone waiting for service. The pager records their position in the queue. They can shop anywhere in the department or on other floors in store until they are paged. Vibration, lights and tones summon them back. An invisible queue is the best queue. Queues for fitting rooms or to see skilled staff? Measurement advice for children's shoes too popular to serve each customer at once? Giving customers a CustomerCall pager on arrival keeps their place in the queue, but also lets them wander around the rest of the store. They spend their time more profitably than queueing. 

Customer satisfaction

The customer pagers alerts them with flashing LED lights, vibration and tone, when it's their turn to be seen. Customers are happy because they don't have to queue. Staff members are happy and more productive because they don't waste time searching for the next customer, or having to deal with unhappy queuing customers. You lose fewer customers who might otherwise abandon their shopping intention while in a queue. It's a highly robust customer pager, it will endure careless customers' handling, saving you repairs and replacements. 


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