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EuroCoaster Pagers

EuroCoaster Pagers

Allow customers to wait in line without physically queueing

Staff members hand the customer a pager, and the customer is free to wait where they wish. When it's their turn to be seen, staff simply press a button to call them back. Staff can concentrate on providing better customer service without congestion at the till or counter. EuroCoaster pagers are perfect anywhere queues form. They are suitable for any sized business and can reach up to a two mile range. They are also slim, stackable and have a small footprint. The pagers are built to save you from extra repair and replacement costs. The unique splash proof design prevents damage from drink spillage, while the rubber edge improves durability. The battery lasts up to four years. The digital display eliminates the need for number decals and means the pagers can be renumbered in seconds. The out of range melody reduces accidental loss, while the locate feature helps you find the missing device. 

Features and Benefits

  • Increased profits: Guests are free to use venue facilities, reducing congestion at the counter. 
  • Reduced noise pollution: No need for loud announcements, the pager will alert guests with a vibration, flash or beep. Your guests can relax knowing their place in 'safe in the queue'. 
  • Small footprint: The stackable pagers occupy minimal space, perfect for areas where space is limited. 
  • Stop customers complaints: Giving customers the freedom to wait where they wish reduces their impatience. 
  • Lower costs: Excessive wage and labour costs are eliminated, as current staff can serve more customers effectively. 
  • Return on investment: By reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction, the system can be paid for within the first month of operation.


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