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Messaging and Alarm Monitoring Software

Connecting systems to people, unifying
communication throughout your hotel.

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Multiple Devices


Only the most efficient hotels run on Gen2, a software solution that controls and monitors an entire messaging and alarm monitoring operation. Gen2 is high performing, multi-lingual, user-friendly and Windows-based with the ability to facilitate an unlimited amount of client users. It is the hub of all communication, sending and receiving messages or alerts from all departments, equipment and staff members. 

Pre-set or formulate messages using the QWERTY keyboard and communicate critical events and data to any end point. Gen2 can send recurring messages and prompts such as maintenance reminders as well as one-time instant messages.

Gen2 can route alerts to individuals or entire groups via different connections. As events escalate, so can your recipient list. Whether it’s a status update or a life-safety alert, you can be confident the right people will receive the information. 

Gen2 Connecting Devices

Gen2 is the hub of all hotel communication, connecting numerous devices and alarms: Pagers / Tablets / Smartphones / Call Buttons/ Radios / Door Bells / DECT Phones / Loneworker Pendants / Fire Alarm Systems / Security Systems / Lift Alarms / Pool Alarms / Disabled Alarms / And other Third Party Devices

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Gen2 The Dashboard

A seamless experience from dashboard to device, the Gen2 homepage holds all the components for client user functionality

Gen2 Features

Fully Scalable

Gen2 software is fully flexible and able to be scaled to fit any business, from two system users to infinity. Additional users can be added on as a business expands or whenever it is deemed necessary. CST can complete a site survey to help businesses determine the scale required.

Message Processing Speed

Gen2 is written to process data and events at a maximum rate. Stress testing results for sending messages to a 12-62 transmitter has shown a consistent rate of one message per second.

Quick Installation

Installation Wizard takes an average of 15 minutes depending on connection speed. This includes installation of .Net framework; setting up webserver port number; installation of local database or alternatively connecting to an external database specified by site.