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Call Buttons

Call Buttons for Healthcare

Improve patient waiting times

An innovative solution to busy GP surgeries and waiting rooms, call buttons can be used to increase the amount of patients doctors and nurses are able to see, and speed up the time in which they are able to see their next patient. A desk mounted call button in the doctor's office can be linked to a receptionist. When the call button is pressed, an alert is sent to the receptionist via a pager or display, signifying that a Doctor or GP is ready to see another patient. This ensure that the next patient is seen quickly and helps to reduce patient waiting times. 

Allow patients to request assistance quickly

The call button solution also allows healthcare staff to remain available and contactable by all patients. Used as patient buttons, patients can quickly summon assistance should the need arise when they are having treatment or therapy on their own. A small wireless call button is placed next to the patient, which is programmed to call the nurse's pager to alert that assistance is required. This will allow your staff to be more flexible and efficient, enabling them to give patient the best possible service. It can be used as a standalone feature, or integrated with our paging software, allowing managers to log and monitor all service requests. 


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Call Buttons

Table Service Call Button

The functional main purpose of the Table Service Call button range is to reduce and limit the direct contact between the staff and the customers while providing the same required service or assistance. Placed on guest tables, the call button allows guests to alert a server at leisure - to place an order, refill drinks, pay the bill or give feedback. All whilst reducing unnecessary floor dwell and give safe and free movement for the staff..

NightPorter Paging System

The next generation in Front Door paging systems. The transmitter can be interfaced with Front Door and Reception Bells, Disabled Rooms, Night Phones and Fire Alarm panels, giving you a total communication package for those sites that do not warrant a standard paging solution package. Staff can move around the building, assured that they are in direct contact with anyone requiring assistance. When a call button or alarm is triggered, staff are paged immediately and can respond accordingly. 


EasyCall is an effective low cost wireless customer paging system. The EasyCall range of microbutton paging systems allows customers to summon staff anywhere on site, including patios or beer gardens. The EasyCall units are attractive, IP rated, tough, compact microbuttons (about the size of £2 coin) that can be secured to walls, desks of tables, and exposed to all weathers.


ConferenceCall is an effective communication solution to allow your guests to summon staff without leaving their seats. Available in many designs, ConferenceCall is a wireless call button that can be placed anywhere in your meeting rooms.


Hand held or wall mounted, the transmitter provides an effective communication solution to enable your delegates or guests to summon staff without leaving their current location. The PageCall transmitter is an effective, low powered communication solution to contact staff quickly and discreetly. The pagers an be set to either vibrate or tone alert and can display the room or area that requires service.