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Staff Paging for hospitals, care homes and surgeries.

Instant and reliable communication

Staff paging solutions offer instant, reliable communication. Instant messaging is vital to any healthcare establishment, and we have the solution to suit your operations and budget. A paging system can be used for staff to contact other departments regarding immediate tasks, emergency issues, or for customer to alert staff for a service, such as patients waiting to be seen at an unmanned reception desk. 

Integrate with doors, alarms and more

One paging system option is to have a desk-mountable transmitter and qwerty keyboard enabling you to type a message to send to a staff member carrying an alphanumeric pager. This can be particularly useful in environments where staff may be responsible for numerous tasks and patients. Pagers can interface with doors, alarms and other systems employed by your hospital or care home. With digital and alphanumeric options available, messages can be sent instantly to groups and individuals. Ultimately paging systems are an effective, low powered communication solution to contact staff quickly and discreetly.


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Staff Paging


Serve food as soon as it's ready and provide prompt service to customers, with a WaiterCall system. When meals are ready, the chef presses the WaiterCall transmitter sending a silent message to the appropriate waiter's pager. The pager vibration signals the exact moment an order is ready for collection. A WaiterCall paging system eliminates raised voices from the kitchen, cold food complaints and guarantees less wastage. 

Gen2 Software

Gen2 is a revolutionary real time messaging software solution which unifies all communication channels, by integrating with equipment and controls and directing messages between staff. Messages can be easily formulated or chosen from a pre-set list, giving users complete control. Gen2 takes staff and client protection to a new level by integrating all alarms into one system and ensuring that staff remain in constant contact. 

AlarmCall Paging

AlarmCall Paging Systems are the cost-effective monitoring systems that provide a real alternative to haemorrhaging money through reacting to false alarms. Based on a sophisticated paging system, AlarmCall Paging immediately notifies the designated fire marshals exactly where the fire alarm has been activated.

NightPorter Paging System

With a more compact design and longer battery life, the PD4 series are the optimal companions for everyday work. Supporting both analogue and digital operations, the models are the ideal choice providing an efficient and still smooth migration to digital radio for any user.

Alphanumeric Pager

Alphanumeric pagers are cost effective, discreet communication devices. They are ideal for sending messages between staff members and management. Easy-to-use, they ensure that your staff can respond immediately to any requests and alerts. Faster response times will help you exceed expectations and reduce any potential threats.   


Hand held or wall mounted, the transmitter provides an effective communication solution to enable your delegates or guests to summon staff without leaving their current location. The PageCall transmitter is an effective, low powered communication solution to contact staff quickly and discreetly. The pagers an be set to either vibrate or tone alert and can display the room or area that requires service.