Critical Alerts and Paging Systems for Hotels | Call Systems Technology



Helping hotels raise standards of service and care

Providing exemplary service is far easier and cost effective when CST communications technology is employed. Guests expect a very high standard of service and care, and our renowned solutions help hotels meet those standards whilst maintaining profitability despite rising costs and increasing competition. 

Enhancing the guest experience

We've worked with the industry to understand the needs and difficulties it faces when running hotels. We understand the necessity to improve communication between departments, protect lone workers, streamline service and enhance the guest experience. With these issues in mind, our team of experts are able to identify what solution is most suitable for you, carrying out range tests and trials where applicable. 

Solving problems.

Fast Response

Instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button.

Staff Safety

Protect lone workers and give staff the capability to maintain staff safety to the highest standard. 

Guest Experience

Create the best experience for guests for the duration of their stay with you from food standards to good service. 

False alarms

Prevent false evacuations and maintain high levels of staff and guest safety at all times.

Fire Monitoring

Providing high standards of protection from the dangers and economic impact of fire hazards.

Enhanced Branding

Advertising opportunities available on products to raise awareness of offers or events.

Providing solutions.