Critical Alerts and Paging Systems for Industry | Call Systems Technology



Improving and enhancing operations

Instant communication, exchange of critical information and security monitoring are vital tools in ensuring the safety of staff and contractors. Developing the smooth day-to-day administrative and operational procedures ensures revenue increases and productivity develops. Wireless communications are universally recognised as the most efficient and cost effective solutions to meet these standards. 

A solution to meet your needs and your budget

CST's wireless systems range from simple desktop messaging and two-way radios for basic staff communication, to facilities maintenance and task management paging software. CST has helped the industrial and security industries to organise deliveries and drivers for 'queue busting' methods and preventing costly false alarm and fire evacuations.  

Solving problems.

Staff Safety

Maintain staff safety at all times on-site, sometimes in hazardous situations and locations.

Fire Monitoring

Monitor and control potential fire hazards, alerting staff to fire locations and evacuation procedures.

False Alarms

Be able to identify false alarms, saving time and money on false evacuations.

DDA Compliant

Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004.

Fast Response

Ensure alerts and alarms are signalled as soon as a button is pressed.

Enhanced Branding

Advertising opportunities are available on products to raise awareness of information, advice or events.

Providing solutions.