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Customer Paging for restaurants, pubs and bars.

Introducing the invisible queue

Introduce your customers to the invisible queue. With customer paging solutions you give the customer the freedom to wait where they wish before their table is ready. This reduces congestion at arrival, leaves guests free to use the facilities, and there is no need for loud announcements. The pager the customer receives on arrival will alert them via tone, flash or vibrate, whatever you think is right for your venue. 

Return on investment

What's most impressive about this solution is the return on investment. Customer paging helps turn tables faster by speeding up the seating process. Moreover, it reduces walkaways as customers feel assured that their place in the queue is secure. Staff are then free to upsell drinks at the bar while they wait encouraging higher spend. The majority of venues find the solutions pay for themselves within the first month of operation. With a variety of styles and products, CST can find the perfect customer paging solution for you and your budget.  


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Customer Paging Products

CustomerCall Paging

No more visible queues for tables or meals, with CustomerCall IQ. Simply hand a customer pager to anyone waiting in a queue and they're free to drink in the bar or wander nearby, without losing their place in the queue. With customer pagers, no one waits impatiently. There is no congestion at reception and no need to hunt for customers when their food or table is ready.

CommPass Pager

A lightweight design in a compact yet rugged exterior, providing clear voice communication and high performance makes the BD305LF the ideal two way radio for everyday business communication.

Coaster Pagers


No more visible queues! Hand waiting customers a Coaster pager and they're free to wander nearby without losing their place in the queue. When staff are ready they press a button on the transmitter to call customers back. Coaster pagers are easy to use and alert customers with a flash, tone and vibrate. 

CustomerCall All-in-One Paging

Reduce noise, improve guest flow and increase profits with the CustomerCall All-in-One (AIO) paging system. With the AIO, waiting staff no longer spend time searching for guests. Hand queuing guests a CustomerCall IQ pager and they are free to visit nearby areas while they wait.