Critical Alerts, Paging and Two-way Radio Systems for Retail | Call Systems Technology


The Retail Sector

Improve customer service standards

Effective communication between customer facing staff, management and security staff is critical. They have to deliver the brand promise whilst adhering to customer service standards. In busy trading environments, especially in large scale stores where staff are spread throughout the facility, employees need tried and tested methods of communication. CST's communication solutions resolve issues that retailers face, equipping all staff with the tools they need.

Solutions bespoke to your needs

With the size of retail environments varying enormously, from small independent shops to large department stores, each communication solution can be created bespoke to your circumstances. From reducing false evacuations to increasing communication between warehouse staff and those on the shop floor, CST's tried and tested methods are proven to help retailers work efficiently and effectively. 

Solving problems.

Fire Monitoring

Remain in control of any potential fire hazards, monitoring and controlling the area.

Customer Service

Help customer facing staff meet customer demands and needs effectively. 

False Alarms

Prevent false evacuations which could lead to stock loss, abandoned shoppers and reduction in revenue. 

EPoS Integration

Integrate point of sale software to create a cohesive task management solution for your store.

Queue Management

Control congested situations and areas creating a more stress free shopping experience.

DDA Compliant

Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004. 

Providing solutions.