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The Passenger Communications Portfolio allows you and your crew to benefit from instant and reliable communication

With our systems, crew members can relax knowing that their most pressing concerns are professionally and proficiently taken care of by our specialised wireless systems for life on board and at sea. Seamlessly integrating with the luxurious surroundings, CST's communication systems are easy to operate, helping to maintain the high standards of service those on board expect. Designed to be easy to use and operate, they provide superior yachts with the most cohesive and centralised communication connection year round and anywhere in the world. 

Bespoke solutions

CST works with leading superior yacht contractors, providing bespoke designs to fit the decor and high standard of interior style. From engraving on call buttons to ensuring solutions sit unobtrusively in lounges and on deck, we understand the need for high quality, reliable communication. 


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Connor Taggart
Senior Account Manager EMEA

With over 15 years experience, Connor has worked with some of the largest Super Yachts in the world. His knowledge of onboard communication for life at sea has proved invaluable for his clients.


Solving problems.

Fast Response

Instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button.

Guest Experience

Helps provide the highest standard of service for everyone on board.

Fire Monitoring

Providing high standards of protection from the dangers and economic impact of fire hazards.


Ensure food and catering is delivered of the highest quality.

Providing solutions.