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The Hospitality Industry

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With ever-increasing competition and the need to win customer loyalty, hospitality operators have embraced modern technology in all aspects of their operations. Over the past 25 years, CST's wireless restaurant paging systems and communication solutions have revolutionised the industry with over 15,000 system users in the UK alone. We're proudly recognised as the most efficient and cost effective provider of operational software and staff/customer communications. 


Find a solution to your problem

With clients ranging from small independent outlets to leading operations all requiring on-site communication systems, we strive to ensure our systems are the solution you are looking for. Whether you want to increase table turns, improve customer service levels or develop food quality standards, our solutions are not only industry tested, but industry approved. 

Solving problems.

Fire Monitoring

Prevent false evacuations and maintain high levels of staff and guest safety at all times.

Food Quality

Ensure food is produced to the highest standards and served quickly and efficiently.

Guest Experience

Create the best experience for guests for the duration of their visit with you from food standards to good service. 

Enhanced Branding

Advertising opportunities are available on products to raise awareness of offers or events.

EPoS Integration

Integrate point of sale software to create a cohesive task management solution for your venue.

Queue Management

Control congested situations and locations to create a more enjoyable experience for guests. 

Providing solutions.