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How to drive customer loyalty

With new restaurants opening what seems like every other day and with more and more shoppers going online, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important. Read More

London’s best rooftop bars

July is here, we’re officially half way through the year and the Summer sun is not letting us down! With temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius in the last week, what better excuse do you need to grab a drink after work? Read More

Summer pop-up stores in London

Every summer a host of new restaurants and bars pop up in London for locals and tourists to enjoy the sunshine in style. With all the excitement of rooftop bars, outdoor cinemas and refreshing cocktails the retail sector is often forgotten. Read More

The rise of veganism within hospitality

Veganism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice over the past few years, but it has become particularly prevalent in the past year.  Read More

Why pub popularity remains strong

A few years ago UK pubs started to struggle against the trendy coffee shop and were becoming less than favourable when it came to eating out. However, a recent report by MCA revealed how things have started to change. Read More

Where to watch World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, beginning on the 14th of June the tournament runs until the 15th of July. This Summer the cup will take place in Russia, making it the first World Cup held in Europe since the 2006 tournament in Germany, and the first ever to be held in Eastern Europe. So where will you be watching?! Read More

How technology can combat the most common restaurant complaints

Did you know a staggering 60% of British people have admitted to making a complaint whilst dining out? Read More

How a communication solution helps hotels differentiate themselves from Airbnb

The element of customer service is the primary difference between staying in a hotel or booking through Airbnb. Read More

The hotel locations where Gen2 improves the guest experience

Efficient communication is essential for the smooth operation of any hotel, in addition to the integral role it plays in the guest experience. Read More