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Are you ready for the King’s Coronation?

The King’s Coronation is fast approaching, and this presents an excellent opportunity for businesses in the hospitality industry to increase their profits during the additional bank holiday weekend. Bank holidays are known to lead to a surge in demand for services such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, and bars as people take time off work to enjoy leisure activities.

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man with hearing aid behind the ear

A Guide to the Best Paging Systems for People With Hearing Loss

A Guide to the Best Paging Systems for People With Hearing Loss. There are many options when it comes to paging systems. Read more for a guide to the best paging systems for people with hearing loss.

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Warehouse worker pointing at shelf

Maximising Warehouse Safety: The Importance of Clear Communication Systems

Everyone deserves to have a safe work environment. Read here to find out about the importance of clear communication systems to help maximise warehouse safety.

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The cost of living and the impacts of late nights out

New research suggests that the cost-of-living crisis is affecting people’s spending habits on a night out. The latest Rekom Night Index reveals that 77.3% of Brits have reduced the number of late-night outings due to the crisis. To cut their socialising budgets, 35.1% of respondents said they pre-drink at home more often, while 32% said they spend less money in advance of a night out. Interestingly, in February 2023, going out to relieve day-to-day pressures and stress, and to share the experience on social media were higher priorities than they were three months ago. Read More

Coronation Bank Holiday Weekend: What does this mean for hospitality?

The coronation of His Majesty The King is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated throughout the country.

The recent announcement by the Government to extend licensing hours for pubs, clubs, and bars over the bank holiday weekend is a timely boost for the pub industry, which will allow them to host special events and parties as part of the national celebrations… Allowing people to enjoy an extra pint or two in the evening and for families and friends to come together to wish the king a long and happy reign.

However, despite this, new research reveals that fewer than 8% of consumers plan to spend money on drinks in pubs and bars during the coronation weekend. The latest consumer spending tracker from Barclaycard also shows that many people are feeling less confident in their household finances and ability to spend on non-essential items.

While the extension to opening hours will help us all to mark this important event, it is important to recognise the challenges that many consumers face, including rising household bills and the need to save money.

Nonetheless, hospitality will remain at the heart of the celebrations, and venues will continue to play a central role in our communities during this historic event.

Great Expectations: Striking a Healthy Balance

Recent research has shown that consumer value in pubs and bars has grown by 19%, with the average consumer spend increasing 4%. But is all as it seems?

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CST Table Coaster on table whilst being served food

Looking for operational efficiency? Raise your tech game!

As the spring/summer seasons approach, a busy calendar of events is on the horizon.

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Stadium Security

5 Ways to Improve Arena and Stadium Safety & Security

Managing a stadium or arena presents a unique set of challenges. Your security team must coordinate thousands of people and respond to any safety and security alerts. This makes robust communication solutions in these venues vital.

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First Aid Call Point, Pager, Two Way Radio, Call Systems Technology

5 Ways to Improve Warehouse & Logistic Fire, Security & First Aider Response

Managing warehouse & logistics presents a unique set of challenges. Your Fire and Security teams must coordinate key personnel and respond to any fire and security alerts. This makes robust communication solutions in these sites vital – whether you’re in a building that’s 2 million or 20k sq ft. Read More