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Image: CST Alphanumeric Pager in use at Rhinefield House Hotel.

Top 10 reasons why we still need pagers

At Call Systems Technology (CST) we supply paging systems to over 15,000 users across a diverse range of industries.

Our advanced paging systems allow users to easily and rapidly communicate with staff and guests with the benefits of paging far outweighing the use of mobile phones.

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Top 5 benefits for connecting your radio to a software application

Radio integration with software applications, such as Gen2, provides an abundance of functionality, all from the radio you hold in your hand. From receiving information, alerts and alarms from your fire alarm panel, BMS, access control, disabled alarms, security alarms and job management application – it truly helps provide seamless and efficient communications.

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5 quick tips for choosing the right two-way radio

Are you looking to buy a two-way radio system? Here are 5 tips to help assess your needs and choose the best two-way radio for your requirements.

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5 Valuable Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Space

With hospitality reopening, and the feeling of summer upon us, customers want to enjoy the fresh air and soak up vitamin D. With the weather now warming up, it is the ideal time to get the most from your outdoor space – or perhaps it’s the only way at the minute to get your business back up and running.

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How to use technology to combat restaurant complaints

It can take 20-years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. In today’s digital world, a restaurant’s online reputation is under continuous scrutiny and flux. With the popularity and growth of review sites, how can restaurants take advantage of technological opportunities whilst avoiding the threats? Read More

Two Way Radio

A radio? Yes, but so much more…

Are you aware that radios can provide solutions to aid health & safety, operational efficiencies and security? All whilst providing instant communication?

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Dowtime costs

The true cost of downtime

It’s said that almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productivity because of downtime–with some losing as much as 20%.

But even worse, 80% of companies cannot calculate their downtime correctly. Some are underestimating them by as much as 300%.

This translates to a lot of profit loss–without understanding the seriousness of the problem, or even the ability to plan or account for it.

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Why flexibility is great for patient waiting

Help keep busy waiting areas socially distanced & safe

The flow of people attending appointments, waiting for prescriptions, requiring ad hoc help and assistance doesn’t stop.

The need for maintaining social distancing within waiting areas often, when space is at a premium, means that a solution has to be found.

Part of the answer could be providing more flexibility…

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