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London restaurants with festive food and drinks

Christmas is a wonderful time of year dedicated to eating and drinking our body weight in festive food and drinks. Thankfully, this year London restaurants have not disappointed with their holiday specials.  Read More

What to consider when contemplating delivery service

People are increasingly opting to eat takeaways at home instead of dining out, and many restaurants are adopting services such as Just Eat or Deliveroo to keep up. Read More

How real time technology is giving restaurant operators a helping hand!

What are the real-time effects of technology for restaurant operators? Here, in Ashley Sheppard’s column for Restaurant Magazine as Guest Technology Editor, he explains his prediction. Read More

Top five ways counter-service restaurants can improve the guest experience

Counter service restaurants are on the rise, with operators tweaking the format to create new mid market restaurant formats. Read More

Draw in summer crowds with a twist on classic cocktails

Cocktail fans are drinking out 25% more often than the average consumer, making it important to cater for their every desire. Read More

Summer dining trends

Diners change their mind just as often as the seasons change, making it difficult for operators to stay ahead of the competition. To help you keep customers happy all summer long we’ve narrowed down the trends we’ll be seeing while the suns out. Read More

Reduce employee turnover with help from technology

The hospitality industry is known for having a high employee turnover rate, reaching a staggering 66% at the end of 2016. Not only does this affect team structure and cohesion, but it also damages your bottom line. Read More

Increase lunch table turns

Eating out for lunch is becoming increasingly popular with consumers reducing their high spend on dinner occasions to spend more on their lunch time meal. Monthly research by MCA reveals that 50% of consumers are dining out for lunch compared to 25% at both dinner and breakfast, with the popularity being attributed to people taking a break from work or study. Read More

How technology can help your restaurant kitchen reach its full potential

The majority of restaurant kitchens don’t operate to their full potential and as a result sales are lost and customers leave feeling dissatisfied. Luckily, kitchen automation software can streamline the cooking process for back of house staff and help them work more efficiently with front of house employees. Read More