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Server carrying food in the summer rush

Restaurant Solutions to Manage the Summer Rush

The proliferation of food delivery apps offering customers restaurant-quality meals right to their front door means it has never been more important to provide a seamless dining experience for your customers. And what better way to ensure your entire team is connected from top to bottom than by using the most up-to-date communication technologies? Today, you’re going to learn about exactly that.

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CST Healthcare Patient Paging

Healthcare After the Pandemic: A CST Solution

COVID-19 has been the biggest challenge the healthcare sector has faced in living memory. A combination of skyrocketing costs, staff shortages and the need to continuously improve the quality of services only exacerbate the challenges the healthcare industry face. 

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Are Staff Shortages and Rising Costs Affecting your Hotel Business?

The labour crisis and rising costs are two of the most significant issues currently facing the hotel industry in the UK. Discover how technology can help your hotel business grow and succeed. 

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5 benefits of waiter pager systems

Have you been looking for a way to improve customer service in your restaurant?

Waiter pager systems are an excellent tool that restaurants can use for a number of scenarios. These simple, easy-to-use devices can be set up in any environment and don’t need to rely on Wi-Fi or network service to operate.

We’ve assembled the top five reasons to use a waiter pager system in your restaurant or bar.

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Improve The Guest Experience With Hotel Technology

Operating a quality hotel, improving your establishment, and delivering unrivalled service are key to ensuring a positive guest experience and increase guest retention. So how exactly does hotel technology improve your establishment? And how can it be used to give guests an exceptional experience at your establishment? Let’s take a look.

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Why Two-Way Radios Are Beneficial for Education Establishments

How do you ensure that students and staff are kept safe throughout the day? The answer: two-way radio communication. 

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Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Timely and effective communication is crucial in healthcare environments and plays a wide-ranging role in workplace preparation. With the various challenges experienced as they maintain practice continuity, staff must be connected at all times. When linked to various departments, healthcare communication systems assist staff in communicating with each other efficiently. Responsiveness and accountability along with speed improve both staff distress and patient dissatisfaction from preventable waits.

Are you ready for the communication solutions that cover all your healthcare needs?

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Antimicrobial Coating: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The industry of antimicrobial coating is growing rapidly. We can understand why this has recently become more popular. The antimicrobial coating is a perfect combination of proven chemical formulation and antimicrobial technology developed to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs on several surfaces. Antimicrobial coatings are considered the most advanced infection control solution in any setting without compromising people’s health.

Research suggests the coating is capable of removing up to 99.99% of microbes of all kinds. Having this treatment can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria on a large scale.

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How to Increase Productivity: Two-Way Radios

Efficiency and productivity are vital to manufacturing operations. Two-way radios increase the output of a manufacturing plant while also ensuring a consistent workflow. The use of radios helps streamline daily projects, so more products get in and out of the warehouse at an increased rate.

From start to finish, manufacturing operations need to be conducted timely and with precision. Two-way radios allow for constant connectivity so that production doesn’t get slowed. Choosing two-way radios keeps management teams and other team members connected around the clock. Nobody wants to run all over a warehouse or production facility to communicate with management and team members. Eliminate the back and forth and communication flaws with a fleet of radios.

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