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Man holding a pager that is reading evacuate

5 Reasons Your Building Needs DeafCall™

Are you considering the safety of all your employees and customers in an emergency?

In the case of a fire or security alert, you must be equipped to notify the most vulnerable people in your building. Without a proper system in place, those with hearing issues are in danger of missing alarms.

With our Deafcall™ Fire Alarm Paging System, you can provide critical alerts to your deaf and hard-of-hearing customers and employees. And for added assurance, it can be set up to integrate seamlessly with our AlarmCall Paging System.

But that’s not all. To learn more, see below for the top five reasons your building needs DeafCall.

01. Safety for All

By installing DeafCall, you are reassuring your deaf and hard-of-hearing customers and employees that their safety is important to you. But it also speaks to those without hearing issues, showing them that your business is thorough, safety-aware and compassionate. This can enhance worker morale and improve the overall impression that your company gives to customers.

02. Faster Reaction Times

As well as a strong vibration, the system sends an instant message to all connected devices, ensuring immediate action is taken. The DeafCall Alarm Pager can display up to 250 characters per message too. So, you can instantly provide critical information to the receiver, such as exit routes and meeting points.

03. A Reliable Solution

The system has several features which make it incredibly reliable:

  1. The fire alarm message cannot be cancelled. The user must evacuate the building to stop the vibration.
  2. It is equipped with an out-of-range and battery level indicator. The continuous battery also gives you 24-hour coverage in the event of power failure.
  3. DeafCall works in any building to international roaming standards.

04. Get Compliant

The Equality Act of 2010 requires all UK employers to ensure that their premises offer adequate provisions for their staff and customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is especially important regarding security, fire safety and emergency response. DeafCall meets the Equality Act and is compliant with British FIA Standards BS5839 & EN54-4 for fire detection and alarm systems.

05. Save Costs, and Lives

Your business should prepare for all emergencies, but this doesn’t need to break the bank. CST offers you affordable solutions that don’t cut corners.

Don’t Leave Anybody Behind.

By taking care of your deaf and hard-of-hearing customers and employees, you are telling them that you care about their safety. DeafCall helps you react quickly to ensure that nobody gets left behind in an emergency.

Learn more about DeafCall by getting in touch today.