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Education teacher with a CST alphanumeric pager on belt

5 Ways to Improve On-Campus Safety

On any given day, there can be hundreds, or even thousands, of people on a school or university campus. With so many daily visitors, the importance of slick and robust security solutions can’t be understated.

High-speed communication and security monitoring are vital to keeping your students and staff safe. And as an inclusive education facility, you’re legally obliged to cater to differently-abled visitors who may be more vulnerable in an emergency.

With CST’s cutting-edge wireless technologies, you’ll address emergencies with speed and efficiency, all while offering your staff, students, and visitors the peace of mind they deserve.

Stay in Touch with Two-Way Radios

Whether it’s a maintenance, first-aid, or security incident, sometimes more than an alarm is required. Our selection of two-way radios allows your staff to communicate crucial information immediately to the correct parties. Durable and simple to use, our radios have a long battery life, can be used throughout campus, and boast noise-cancelling technology.

Improve Responsiveness with AlarmCall™

AlarmCall is a critical alerts solution which increases safety and safeguards productivity. As the market’s only solution that sends simultaneous alerts to pagers and two-way radios, you’ll see response times improve drastically. And because it prevents unnecessary evacuations, your productivity won’t be affected in the event of any non-starters.

Nobody Gets Left Behind with Deafcall™

Even in 2022, people with disabilities face safety and accessibility challenges in UK universities. One such group is deaf and hard of hearing. DeafCall lets you provide critical alerts for people affected by hearing loss, ensuring they don’t miss an alarm in the event of a fire or other emergency.

React Fast with First Aider Call Point

There won’t always be a trained first aider whenever a student or staff member has a health emergency. With our wireless call point buttons, you’ll be able to call first aiders instantly, no matter where you are on campus. Our call points will help you to lessen response time and keep everyone safe and free from harm.

Emergency Containment with Lockdown Systems

During an emergency, it is sometimes vital to restrict movement within and between certain areas. Our lockdown systems allow your staff to do just that. Subtle and easy to operate, these systems can be catered to your school’s needs and operated from a simple system such as a transmitter relaying to a pager. This is all done without creating panic or alerting perpetrators, keeping everybody on-site out of harm’s way.

Unify Your Security System with Gen2™

Our state-of-the-art security software syncs with all your communication channels. This lets you send real-time messages to different kinds of devices, including pagers, DECT handsets, GSM mobiles, and two-way radios. It can even integrate with other systems such as fire alarms, security systems, lone worker pendants, and access controls. With Gen2, you’ll be more secure, safe, and efficient than ever.

To learn more about how CST can keep your campus safe, get in touch today.