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In a busy restaurant it can be hard to spot when guests are ready to order more. Customers requiring attention often call or wave to staff. They quickly become frustrated if this goes unnoticed and new orders can be lost along with customer patience. Not only does this reduce revenue but it leads to negative customer experience and lost repeat business.

Service at the touch of a button

Communications technology puts your customers in charge of the service they receive. Call buttons allow guests to request service whenever they wish. Placing call buttons throughout a restaurant and equipping staff with devices such as pagers allows waiters to serve customers instantly.

How does this increase profit? Here’s how:

  • A restaurant with a call button on every table that is pressed once a day could earn an extra £5.00 per table per day.
  • For 30 tables this equates to £150 per shift. Multiply this for 3 days a week and that earns an extra £450.

As well as improving profit, the Call Buttons improve customers perception of the service received and encourages them to return.