5 benefits of waiter pager systems

Have you been looking for a way to improve customer service in your restaurant? Waiter pager systems are an excellent tool that restaurants can use for a number of scenarios. These simple, easy-to-use devices can be set up in any environment and don’t need to rely on Wi-Fi or network service to operate. We’ve assembled … Read more 5 benefits of waiter pager systems

How to use technology to combat restaurant complaints

It can take 20-years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. In today’s digital world, a restaurant’s online reputation is under continuous scrutiny and flux. With the popularity and growth of review sites, how can restaurants take advantage of technological opportunities whilst avoiding the threats?

Spring dining trends

It may not feel quite like spring, but sunnier weather is on its way and consumers are already adjusting their eating habits.

Up-skilling back of house in readiness for Brexit

Easy-to-use kitchen technology can help restaurants equip their staff with the skills they need to tackle the year ahead. Here, in Ashley Sheppard’s Guest Technology Editor column for Restaurant Magazine, he explains why. 

3 New Year’s resolutions for your restaurant

Kick-start your restaurant’s 2016 with a New Year’s resolution which can easily be kept. Don’t give up halfway through the year, stick with these three resolutions all year long to make 2016 a successful year.

How pubs can smash profit targets during the winter months

Winter has officially set in and the holiday season is upon us. With only 2 weeks to go until Christmas people are spending their money on presents and decorations rather than visiting their local pub for a meal or a drink.

Tackle peak season with WaiterCall paging system

Ever thought about how to tackle busy events such as Mother’s day, Father’s Day and so on? Celebratory seasons are hectic times for restaurants, from dealing with visible queues, serving hot foods and being well-organised.  Our CST WaiterCall and paging system and QSR products guaranteed to speed up your customer service.