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WIFI Call Button showing green acknowledgment

Introducing our new Wi-Fi call button…

Communication technology specialist, CST Luxury, has expanded its current call button collection with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity. Designed and developed to meet yacht-specific needs, the new call button will be presented to the industry, for the first time, at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Well known for their work within the marine industry, CST Luxury’s solutions are featured on over 200 super yachts, and numerous luxurious homes across the globe.

Onboard integration and usage have been at the forefront of the design and development. Available as a 1 to 4-button device, the customised buttons operate on Wi-Fi with visual acknowledgement. Via customisable coloured LEDs, the button will show you when a message is both processing and when it has been acknowledged by a member of staff. Powered by Gen2™ Cloud, the technology works seamlessly with other CST products, providing a complete end-to-end solution. In addition, the call button integrates with both Android and iOS mobile devices, two-way radios, and AV systems.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with luxurious décor, CST Luxury offers a choice of finishings. Handcrafted in the UK, we use the highest quality materials and ensure they are finished with precise craftsmanship. A bespoke design can then be completed with personal insignia and engraving on the plating or the leather itself.

CST Luxury’s Imperial Call Button collection represents innovation in the world of wireless call button communication. Discreet, stylish, and easy to use, call buttons allow reliable and subtle communication. Offering both Radio Frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi models, our Imperial call buttons are simple to install and maintain.

CST Luxury are looking forward to introducing the latest in the Imperial Call Button range to both current clients and future prospects. Bridging the communication gap between crew and guests, whilst providing peace of mind, they strive to deliver superior solutions that make a difference.

For more information or a demonstration, contact our CST Luxury team.

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About CST Luxury

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