Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Timely and effective communication is crucial in healthcare environments and plays a wide-ranging role in workplace preparation. With the various challenges experienced as they maintain practice continuity, staff must be connected at all times. When linked to various departments, healthcare communication systems assist staff in communicating with each other efficiently. Responsiveness and accountability along with speed … Read more Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Technology: Supporting Industry Challenges

As technology makes leaps and bounds, the good news is that solutions are here for the taking. The pandemic has caused an increase in technology integration and its role in business operations. They have streamlined their processes using technology to shape the way they run.

5 ways staff attack systems could benefit your care home

  Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Adult Inspector at the CQC, claims “It’s about people’s whole lives, so we do need to be making it human, making it personal.” Staff attack systems are vital in ensuring quality care and the safety of staff. Here are 5 ways a staff attack system could benefit your care home

A simple solution to keep customers in the buying zone

Almost 70% of shoppers who use the fitting rooms make a purchase, compared to only 10% of those who don’t.*  Therefore, providing an easy and pleasant experience for shoppers who use your changing rooms can positively influence sales.

Maximising spend from outdoor areas

One problem with outdoor dining and smoking areas is that once outside, customers are often unwilling to go back inside to place an order – unless it rains! To combat this, wireless call systems enable customers to summon waiting staff to take their order – all from the comfort of their table. They don’t need … Read more Maximising spend from outdoor areas