Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Timely and effective communication is crucial in healthcare environments and plays a wide-ranging role in workplace preparation. With the various challenges experienced as they maintain practice continuity, staff must be connected at all times. When linked to various departments, healthcare communication systems assist staff in communicating with each other efficiently. Responsiveness and accountability along with speed improve both staff distress and patient dissatisfaction from preventable waits.

Are you ready for the communication solutions that cover all your healthcare needs?

Patient Paging

Patient paging solutions help improve the patient waiting experience with the following benefits

  • Reduce crowded waiting areas
  • Flexibility where patients wait – whether that’s relaxing in a café, grabbing a drink or even waiting in their car
  • Patients will be alerted to return via a sensory combination – providing DDA compliance
Staff Paging and Two-Way Radios

Staff communication solutions offer instant, reliable communication vital to any healthcare establishment. Used for staff to contact both inter-departments and other departments regarding

  • Immediate tasks
  • Emergency issues
  • Customers to alert staff for service, such as patients waiting to be seen at an unmanned reception desk
Call Buttons

The diverse wireless call button solution allows efficient communication for healthcare staff and patients.

  • Call staff when assistance is required when placed next to the patient receiving treatment/ therapy
  • Communicate with reception staff 
  • Improve patient wait times
  •  Speed up service

Call Systems Technology CST can help you and your healthcare team with time savings, productivity gains, and improvements to the quality of care. Reach the team when you need them most, coordinate with other departments in real-time, and get patient information when you need it.


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