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Streamline Service this Valentines Day with Call Systems Technology

Top Tips to Streamline Service this Valentine’s Day

As we quickly approach Valentine’s Day, operators in the UK know this special date on the winter calendar means the potential for large profits is waiting. People everywhere use the day to express their romantic love for one another and are willing to spend on the right activities. It’s estimated that bookings for the night can be up to 35% higher than the average February night, leaving restaurant and bar owners plenty of chances to make a sizable return on the day.

Here are our five top tips for operators looking to get their service offering right this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Call me

Valentine’s Day should allow guests quality time to spend together. So, let the customer call the shots – instead of asking customers to wait in a long queue, create an invisible one! By offering customer paging solutions, restaurant owners can allow their guests the flexibility to wait at the bar while decreasing traffic in the front-of-house.

  1. Instant connection

Long wait times due to staff shortages can make Valentine’s Day much less enjoyable for guests. Call buttons near the entrance make sure that team members are alerted to newly arriving guests promptly. Reducing wait times, and queues, whilst enhancing the overall customer experience.

  1. Perfect fit

Because people want to take their time to enjoy a special evening, it’s important to manage tables accordingly. Plus, you can’t account for how many last-minute walk-ins you’ll see. Table management systems not only let the staff stay in tune with the customer but also provides the opportunity to turn over tables quicker and upsell other products on the menu. It also provides businesses to view important analytical data, such as food delivery times, helping restaurateurs manage staff, activity, and productivity.

  1. Smooth talker

Simple but effective, two-way radios enable employees, both front and back-of-house, to work together seamlessly to give customers the best possible experience. Instant communication between the whole team also helps to efficiently turn tables and take care of any sudden incidents.

  1. The share price

Make the most of the couple theme on Valentine’s Day. Promote sharing platters and bundled offers to draw more attention and boost your bottom line. Share images of the food to give potential customers an idea of what to expect and create a buzz in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.


Overall, this romantic holiday provides plenty of chances to make profitable connections with guests and make the most out of the short window of opportunity. Following these tips should make the experience more enjoyable for your customers and lead to a greater return on investment.