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How to deliver food fast with table tracking

Delivering food fast in restaurants is essential. But how do you deliver food quickly without sacrificing quality?

Here we explain how RFID table trackers can help.


Faster Food Delivery

Your customers want excellent food delivered fast. With a table tracking system, you could get up to a 75% time saving on food delivery from the kitchen to the customer. A table tracking device tracks where your customers are so you can deliver their food instantly, even if they change tables!

Guest Friendly Atmosphere

Wooden spoons, table numbers, calling out – servers use all kinds of ways to locate customers. With RFID technology, customers don’t need to wave at servers to show them where to take the order. This creates a calmer, more enjoyable guest experience.

Staff Efficiency

With table tracking, servers can see where a customer is seated and don’t waste time searching for them. Servers can then spend more time upselling and providing excellent customer service.

Better Quality Food

There is no need to sacrifice food quality for speed. Prompt food delivery means customers can enjoy their food hot & fresh. Servers know where the customer is, enabling food to be delivered in tip-top condition.


Do you know where your guests’ favourite tables are? Do you know your average food delivery time? A table tracking system provides analytics for restaurant managers. The analytics summarise restaurant activity, helping you to make informed decisions and improve weak service areas.


Bonus: Table tacking reduces food waste! Delivering hot & fresh food to customers will reduce the number of cold food complaints.