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4 Ways A Waiter Paging System Could benefit Your Restaurant

Are you interested in transforming wasted time into pure profits? Ever find yourself wondering how to wow guests?

Whether you own an independent or casual dining restaurant a waiter paging system is an effective way to improve communication between the kitchen and waiting staff.

Here are 4 simple ways a waiter paging system can benefit your restaurant or pub.

1) Serve Food Hot

Delivering food hot and fresh will reduce cold food complaints and minimise wastage. A waiter paging system helps you serve food in top condition. Waiter pagers let the chef call staff as soon as meals are ready to be served. The chef simply presses a button and a message is sent to the relevant staff pager.

2) Boost Staff Productivity

Did you know that waiting staff could lose as much as 60 minute per shift checking for their order? A waiter paging system helps you increase profitability by allowing front of house staff to spend more time with guests and less time in the kitchen. Staff can focus on providing excellent service and upselling to guests.

3) Excellent Dining Atmosphere

A waiter paging system from CST eliminates bells or raised voices from the kitchen, improving the dining atmosphere and increasing repeat business. You can deliver the best guest experience possible by keeping chefs, waiters and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently.

4) Increase Profits

According to our FREE ROI Calculator a restaurant with 4 waiters working 6.5 hour shifts could make £3,332 per year in extra sales. With waiter pagers, staff only return to the pass when they need to, giving them more time to take extra orders and upsell.

Download our FREE ROI Calculator now and discover how much you could gain with a WaiterCall paging system.

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