Technological Innovations In Healthcare

Timely and effective communication is crucial in healthcare environments and plays a wide-ranging role in workplace preparation. With the various challenges experienced as they maintain practice continuity, staff must be connected at all times. When linked to various departments, healthcare communication systems assist staff in communicating with each other efficiently. Responsiveness and accountability along with speed … Read more Technological Innovations In Healthcare

How to use technology to combat restaurant complaints

It can take 20-years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. In today’s digital world, a restaurant’s online reputation is under continuous scrutiny and flux. With the popularity and growth of review sites, how can restaurants take advantage of technological opportunities whilst avoiding the threats?

6 Key Points for Attracting Families to Your Restaurant

The school holidays have officially started. Families love to relax and eat out in the summer. But getting families to eat at your restaurant involves a balance between providing children with what they want and making their parents happy. How can you ensure your restaurant is child-friendly?

5 ways staff attack systems could benefit your care home

  Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Adult Inspector at the CQC, claims “It’s about people’s whole lives, so we do need to be making it human, making it personal.” Staff attack systems are vital in ensuring quality care and the safety of staff. Here are 5 ways a staff attack system could benefit your care home

Paging System Delivers Stress Free Waiting

Since the Whittington Hospital opened its 22 room Imaging Department in 2006, patient numbers have increased from 96,000 per year to over 150,000. General Manager, Recep Suleyman, needed a way to maximise patient throughput and reduce the idle time between x-rays or scans.

Pagers vs Mobile Phones

Mobile phones give people the means to communicate with others in multiple ways at almost any time. They are great for friends and business users when discretion and security are unimportant and the occasional ‘busy network’ or dropped signal is acceptable. They can struggle for good coverage inside buildings and calls can be overheard and … Read more Pagers vs Mobile Phones

5 tips for a happy New Year’s party at your restaurant

New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. And as with all holidays, Tuesday 31st December means crowds of potential customers. With a little extra preparation you can take advantage of 2014’s New Year at your restaurant. Here are our tips for a very happy New Year’s party.

How to serve customers faster in a no reservations restaurant

Conal Urquhart wrote a piece in The Guardian earlier this week, where he discusses no reservations restaurants. Restaurants in London with a ‘no reservations’ policy can make more money by not holding tables, but diners are losing out. Here’s a quick snippet on restaurant queues from the article: