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Are Staff Shortages and Rising Costs Affecting your Hotel Business?

The labour crisis and rising costs are two of the most significant issues currently facing the hotel industry in the UK. Discover how technology can help your hotel business grow and succeed. 

The labour crisis and rising costs are two of the most significant issues currently facing the hotel industry in the UK. 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that hospitality businesses are more than twice as likely to struggle to fill vacancies compared to other sectors in the current climate, with 30% recording difficulties filling vacancies vs 13% across different industries. 

It makes for pretty grim reading, right? Yet, it represents a challenge and, therefore, an opportunity. Hotels that embrace technology will be able to meet this challenge head-on.

Let’s look at how technology can help your hotel business grow and succeed.

Keep your Staff Connected 

The more connected your staff are, the more efficient, productive, and accurately they can serve your guests. Ultimately, this will enable your hotel to fully function with a small yet more streamlined team. 

Staff paging ensures real-time communication between your staff and improves productivity. A paging system can be used to alert a member of housekeeping to turnover a specific room or notify your front desk to arriving guests. 

Hotel paging eliminates the risk of missed communication between your staff, increases productivity and ensures the needs of your guests are met.

By shifting the focus to your employee experience and equipping your workforce with technology that’s easy to implement – you’ll be in a better position to tackle the labour shortage crisis.


Enhance your Guest Experience

Your hotel cannot operate without customers, and for that reason alone, good service is vital to retain and attract guests. 

Call buttons improve interactions with your guests, reduce friction points and drive down your labour costs. A single button press sends a signal to a pager that a customer requires assistance, ideal for areas such as receptions, gyms, and spas. 

Your hotel is a hive of activity with a lot of moving pieces. Your guests interact with a variety of your staff, from your receptionist to your maintenance team. How do you keep all these moving pieces connected? 

DECT solution ensures your staff are always reachable, no matter where they are. It gives them access to real-time information while on the move, ensuring your customers’ needs are fully catered to. 

The hospitality industry is just starting to turn the corner after a turbulent 18 months. Your hotel needs to impress your guest in every way possible and make their stay a memorable one. Call buttons and DECT solutions can enhance the guest experience and reduce costs by improving your hotel’s efficiency.


Embrace Technology for a Competitive Advantage 

Adopting the right technology is crucial to ensure your hotel remains ahead of the competition.

The industry faces a profound shift in the labour market. Call it the ‘new norm’ if you like. But, by embracing wireless hotel technology, you’ll be able to deliver positive customer experiences and enhance your operations.